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Title Co-Founder


Summary: Tasso has developed the HemoLink, a virtually painless blood collection device that enables self-collection of blood samples and testing in standard lab instruments. The device sticks on the upper arm with an adhesive and is started by the user pressing the button on the device. After 3 minutes, the device is taken off and the tube removed and sent to the lab. We see tremendous opportunity for the HemoLink in difficult draw patients, patients that do not like needles, or those that do not have ready access to hospitals for lab testing. We have good data from a first pediatric use case and have completed and submitted our first FDA clinical trial for use in adults for a lipid panel.
Need: Blood collection is a terrible process. Fear of needles and requirement of a trained professional to do a highly technical process leave patients without a good, user-friendly option to collect blood samples. Because 70% of diagnostic decisions are based on diagnostic testing, this is a process that is a critical part of healthcare.
Value: The HemoLink provides value to patients, labs, and hospital systems. For patients, the painless nature of the device allows for a better experience for a common procedure. For Labs, they have access to more tests without having to expand infrastructure or personnel. For hospital systems, better compliance of patients to do the needed tests can reduce readmissions and lower costs associated with complications.