ContinUse Biometrics


Contact Asher Polani
Title CEO


Summary: ContinUse Biometrics is bringing to the market the only remote, effortless and non-touch sensing technology that both authenticates users and monitors their physiological state. ]] Its sensor, which can communicate with common consumer electronic devices (mobile phones, home assistants, laptops, smart TVs and cars), enables people to get access to continuous medical monitoring – wherever they are: in the clinic, at home, at work or while driving. It enables remote detection of heart and respiration rates including auscultation of both heart and lung sounds, blood pressure, myography, peripheral hemodynamics and even biochemical screens – all from a distance, simultaneously and without contact with the person being monitored. Coupled with advanced analytics, ContinUse’s offering aims to revolutionize patient care in fields like cardiac, vascular, neuromuscular diseases and diabetes. With its easy-to-use and convenient monitoring technology, it provides an ideal solution for healthcare providers and payers wishing to implement a preventive medical care model targeting patients at risk or already suffering from chronic diseases and conditions.


Need: Healthcare is becoming ever more expensive, as chronic diseases become more widespread and populations become older. We need to move from a reactive to a preventive care model, where we increasingly offload clinical services to the home sphere. To do so, accurate, easy-to-use and affordable tools are needed. Existing sensing technologies don’t cut it – they are intrusive, uncomfortable, have limited scope of use – but ContinUse’s offering will prove to be a game changer. Beyond capturing patients’ data, systems need to make it reliable and actionable – which ContinUse does by coupling its sensors with advanced analytics covering fields such as cardiovascular or diabetes patient care.


Value: We provide a non-contact monitoring solution – which can work from short (via mobile and or at home) to long distances (in yards and streets). Our technology is agnostic to environmental and individual factors such subjects’ clothing and position, or lighting conditions. It is easy to operate and captures data accurately, passively and continuously, as users go about their daily routines. Thanks to this non-intrusive nature, it solves the problem of compliance which plagues most existing solutions for remote patient monitoring. As a single sensor capturing many parameters simultaneously, it allows users to receive true 360-degree health monitoring, wherever they are. Our system applies advanced AI techniques to analyze collected data in our health cloud, making it actionable for end users (patients and physicians). It is then used for preventive medical care, proactively detecting abnormal physiological behavior and alerting users in case of a deterioration.