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Summary: CathWorks FFRangio uses a software algorithm to analyze the angiogram images taken during a coronary angiogram or as part of determining if PCI is indicated. The algorithm produces, during the procedure, a 3D reconstruction of the coronary tree with a highlight of the “culprit” lesion defining the FFR measurements of that lesion and throughout the primary coronary tree. These measurements of FFR can be used to determine if PCI is indicated and which vessels need vascularization and where in that arterial structure such intervention is necessary. It can also be used intra-procedurally to confirm revascularization post-PCI.

Need: The FAME trial demonstrated the clinical and economic value of using FFR to provide objective, multi-vessel data for PCI decision-making. However, conventional FFR requires additional intervention and adds procedure costs, risks, and time that reduces its practicality as an ‘every patient’ solution. CathWorks FFRangio makes every case, intra-procedural FFR a clinically and economically efficient for PCI decision-making.

Value: CathWorks delivers objective, intra-procedural, precise FFR measurements to optimize PCI decision making, for every patient. This measurement and analysis are performed without additional interventions using the angiograms already performed during the procedure. It allows for the conformance to the ACC appropriate use guidelines, and utilizes the FFR research from the New England Journal of Medicine of FAME and FAME 2 trials which demonstrated the improvement in decision making and outcomes utilizing FFR to decide and guide PCI decisions.

Company News

CathWorks Announces $30M in New Financing

DateJan 7, 2021
CathWorks reported the completion of a $30 million Series D financing round. Proceeds from the financing will be used to expand commercialization of the company's FFRangio system.
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Japanese Regulators Approve Non-Invasive Angiography Technology

DateJan 31, 2020
CathWorks has received Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) approval of The CathWorks FFRangio System, a non-invasive diagnostic technology that is used at the time of a routine angiography.
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