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Surgery is high-stakes and requires great teamwork, yet significant gaps in optimal teamwork exist, leading to delays and disruptions, waste, and unnecessary variability. ExplORer, an interactive surgical playbook that promotes optimal teamwork in the OR, is able to reduce set-up time, intraoperative delays and disruptions, and wasted disposables; additionally, we have identified the potential for significant reduction in surgical tray instrument composition and reduction in supply spend variability across surgeons for a given procedure. ExplORer builds best practices into a surgeon-customized workflow for each case, providing a guide specific to each team member of step-by-step instructions, diagrams, pictures, and videos; the ExplORer app can be referenced by team members preoperatively to prepare for a case and intraoperatively within a sterile sleeve as a reference tool, with administrators able to view a separate analytics platform that tracks surgical activities and costs step-by-step. We have been operational at five hospitals around the country, both in academic medical centers and a regional community hospital; we also have a partnership with a large medical device manufacturer. We create safer surgical procedures and can save the average hospital (performing 10,000 cases/year) $10-15 million annually.
We are continually working to improve the software in accordance with clinician feedback, currently focusing on electronic medical record integration, more robust tracking of material provision and cost, as well as voice activation. In the coming months, we expect to hire implementation and sales leaders to complement our existing team. Having raised a $1 million seed round in late 2016, we are currently raising a Series A round.

Company News

Explorer Surgical raises nearly $2.6M

DateApr 7, 2021
Explorer Surgical has raised nearly $2.6 million as it brings on medtech company customers looking to communicate with surgeons remotely.
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Up to 10% of intraoperative time is spent on preventable delays, ExplORer Surgical drives improved efficiencies

DateMar 17, 2021
ExplORer Surgical, the only comprehensive intraoperative case support and workflow platform for surgical teams, is announcing enhanced efficiency and proficiency through its powerful data insight technology.
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How artificial intelligence and augmented reality are changing medical proctoring during COVID-19 (featuring ExplORer Surgical)

DateJan 4, 2021
Launched out of the University of Chicago Department of Surgery in 2013, ExplORer recently added augmented reality technology that acts as a virtual laser pointer for medical device specialists to provide on-screen guidance for surgeons similarly to how sports announcers use a Telestrator to mark up plays.
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Explorer Surgical Launches Advanced Video for Remote Surgery

DateNov 22, 2020
ExplORer Surgical, a Chicago-based startup that's developed an interactive platform for surgeons, has launched a new suite of advanced audio and video capabilities to make remote support easier in the operating room (OR). 
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Explorer Surgical lands $3 million more for operating room software

DateAug 29, 2017
New Venture Challenge alum ExplORer Surgical, which makes software for surgical teams to use in the operating room, has raised $3 million, the company announced Tuesday.