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Summary: Footbeat is driven to save and improve lives because we see the power in one. One less amputation is one more mother able to provide for her children or one more weekend at grandpa’s house. This is bigger than the statistics, it’s about the person behind the disease. 

Contained in an insole, Footbeat is a first-in-class circulatory assist that uses the foot’s unique venous structure to trigger vasodilation and functional perfusion. By simulating the beneficial effects of walking, Footbeat increases micro-vascular venous and arterial flow, reducing diabetic symptoms and the shared co-morbid indications: peripheral neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease, peripheral arterial disease and the incidence of foot ulcers. Footbeat’s placement in a shoe makes it usable anywhere: in the clinic, at home, at work or while traveling. This makes it much easier for patients to comply throughout the continuum of care. Footbeat improves outcomes because we see the power in one. 

Need: Diabetes has been called the “plague of the 21st century”. In the U.S. annually, there are:

  • 80,000 amputations
  • 600,000 diabetic foot ulcers
  • 12 million with diabetic induced edema
  • 20 million with peripheral neuropathy

Diabetics with foot complications have few treatment options: Prescription drugs with severe side-effects to reduce pain; bandages that improve healing only after an ulcer has developed; or highly invasive and expensive surgery to salvage or remove damaged tissues.  None of these options prevent diabetic complications or address the underlying condition… compromised micro-vascular circulation and decreased perfusion.

Value: Diabetes costs the U.S. $327 billion per year or 1.8% of the entire GDP. Over $36 billion is spent on diabetic foot conditions alone. Footbeat is the first and most compelling intervention available to halt progressions, remediate symptoms and minimize unhealthy days. Footbeat delivers improved micro-vascular circulation as a non-invasive, proven therapy with no side-effects and no complications at 1/10th the cost. Each day over 4,000 Americans will be diagnosed with diabetes and nearly 200 will undergo an amputation related to the disease. Footbeat will reduce amputations, contain hospital visits, reduce re-admittance, and pharmaceuticals consumed. By treating multiple conditions with a single modality, Footbeat offers a low-risk, first-line treatment that creates better outcomes and cost efficiencies for patients, payers, and healthcare providers.