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Title CEO


Summary: Endotronix, Inc., a medical technology company, has developed an integrated platform to provide comprehensive, reimbursable health management innovations for patients suffering from heart failure (HF). The company’s solution, the Cordella™ Heart Failure System, includes a cloud-based disease management data system and at-home hemodynamic management with a breakthrough implantable wireless pulmonary artery (PA) pressure sensor for early detection of worsening HF. Disease management with PA pressure has delivered meaningful clinical outcomes including, a reduction in HF hospitalizations and mortality. The Cordella System engages patients by reminding them, daily, to collect physiologic data, as well as symptoms and general health status, and transmits the information to the HF cardiologists’ clinic. The clinic is able to view the information in an intuitive portal that aligns with existing workflows enabling succinct patient management with real-time information. The portal is also able to leverage data insights to enable the clinic to better medically manage the patients without requiring a clinic visit for physiologic monitoring to achieve guideline-directed medical therapy. The patient is encouraged to engage in their own care by providing them with trends of their own care by providing them with trends of their own health information.
Need: Heart failure (HF) is the number one cost to Medicare, comprising ~$40B for the treatment of HF, 70% of which is related to HF hospitalizations. Additionally, patients with a HF diagnosis have a 50% mortality rate at 5 years and a significantly lower quality of life.
Value: Endotronix has developed heart failure solutions focused on improving outcomes for heart failure patients, creating therapeutic best practices and streamlining high-quality reimbursable care management. We provide the tools for clinicians to provide proactive care, improving the patients’ quality of life and strengthening communication between the patient and clinic.

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