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AlphaStroke is a fast and accurate early detection device for Stroke and Large Vessel Occlusions (LVO), a severe stroke with a different standard of care that is available at far fewer hospitals. AlphaStroke will improve patient outcomes by decreasing time to treatment of these patients and increasing the number of patients eligible for the gold standard of care because such interventions are time-limited. Hospital volumes of these reimburseable stroke interventions will increase. Finally, AlphaStroke lowers the cost of healthcare in the US and abroad by decreasing the rate of inter-hospital transfers, improving patient o utcomes and reducing the portion of patients that need rehabilitation.   AlphaStroke is a portable, durable EEG-based device that uses specially designed disposable electrode caps that are easily placed on a patient’s head. AlphaStroke then uses proprietary machine-learning derived algorithms to detect LVO/Stroke-specific electrical biomarkers in the brain. There are multiple markets with multiple users, but the first go-to-market users are emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics, and the first indication is for LVO. Instead of administering subjective, difficult-to-interpret clinical exams, first responders using AlphaStroke receive a clear binary output (“Likely LVO” or “Unlikely LVO”).

Company News

Forest Devices Announces That FDA Has Designated the AlphaStroke Technology a Breakthrough Device

DateMay 21, 2021
Medical technology pioneer Forest Devices, Inc. (FDI), a medical device company focused on identifying patients with large vessel occlusive (LVO) strokes in the prehospital environment, today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has designated its AlphaStroke technology as a Breakthrough Device.
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Forest Devices Announces Positive Study Results for Their Stroke Detection Technology

DateFeb 23, 2021
Medical technology pioneer Forest Devices, Inc. (FDI) today announced the publication of positive results from the EDGAR study of its AlphaStroke™ technology in identifying patients with large vessel occlusive (LVO) strokes in emergency departments in the American Heart Association Journal, STROKE.
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Forest Devices Launches Collaboration With Alberta Health Services

DateJun 30, 2020
Medical technology pioneer Forest Devices, Inc. (FDI) today announced a commitment to improve healthcare delivery for stroke patients in Alberta, forming a collaboration with Alberta Health Services (AHS) to evaluate and test technologies that can improve patient outcomes and health system performance by empowering emergency first responders to make informed decisions regarding care for stroke patients.
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ALPHASTROKE, A Better Way to Diagnose Strokes: Interview with CEO Matt Kesinger

DateFeb 25, 2020
MedTech Innovator CEO Paul Grand attributes much of the company’s success in the competition to the need for a device like ALPHASTROKE. “It’s not often that you hear people who are as experienced as our selection committee saying, ‘This is a real game changer,’” he notes. “And people are saying that about Forest Devices… It’s technology that will save lives.”
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