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CoapTech is bringing a series of breakthrough medical devices to worldwide markets, leveraging a patented, disruptive platform technology called the Point-of-care Ultrasound Magnet Aligned (PUMA) System.  The PUMA Platform will disrupt multiple medical procedures, reducing health care costs, and improving efficiency, safety, quality, patient experience, and access to services around the globe.

Invented by Dr. Steven Tropello, a Johns Hopkins-trained critical care physician, the PUMA System enables diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic procedures in hollow organs.  The system combines magnetic attraction for device placement guidance, and ubiquitous, low-cost, point-of-care ultrasound for visualization in hollow cavities. Our lead device, the PUMA-G, selected because of its low risk, clear FDA pathway, and strong commercial viability, is for the insertion of Gastrostomy (feeding) tubes.   PUMA-G enables a point-of-care (i.e. bedside, as opposed to operating room) procedure for inserting gastrostomy tubes which can be quickly and easily performed by non-surgical providers.

By eliminating specialty suites and specialist consultants, PUMA-G will save hospitals money and improve efficiency and safety for this common procedure.  PUMA-G has been validated in live human patients, and has a streamlined regulatory pathway based on FDA presubmission feedback.

Company News

CoapTech Awarded $1.6M from NIH for Pediatric Feeding Tube Placement Device

DateNov 12, 2020
Grant will support development and clinical evaluation of world’s first ultrasound-based gastrostomy device for pediatric patients.
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CoapTech Raises $7M in Series B Funding Led by Hunniwell

DateAug 28, 2020
CoapTech, a leading medical device start-up pioneering the world’s first and only ultrasound-based feeding tube placement system, announced the closing of a Series B investment of $7 million led by medical device venture capital firm Hunniwell Lake Ventures. They will use funds to commercialize the First FDA-cleared, Ultrasound-based system for Feeding Tube Placement.
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This physician-founder is making a device to protect medical staff during intubation procedures

DateApr 16, 2020
Dr. Steven Tropello is bringing experience and a network developed while building local startup CoapTech. Working as an emergency and critical care physician at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Dr. Steven Tropello is seeing the lack of protective equipment for medical workers up close. With emails from colleagues going to Lowe’s hardware store to find supplies, Dr. Tropello was resolved to create a better solution. As a cofounder of Baltimore-based startup CoapTech, he also had previous experience developing a medical device to draw on.
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