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Sixteen million Americans suffer from degenerative eye diseases, such as retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration, which ultimately lead to blindness. The Number of these patients is rapidly increasing as the population ages. Despite recent technological advances, there are only a few approved therapies available now that can help a small fraction of these patients.
2C Tech is developing a novel, breakthrough nanotechnology based medical device, the SeeQ, to address this unmet market need. The SeeQ device is unique in that, although it is a device, it is injected into the eye like any ocular drug. A single injection of SeeQ device constitutes trillions of nanoparticles in a solution, These nanoparticles produce electricity in a manner similar to a silicon solar cell. This electrical stimulation induces diseased retinal cells to generate protective growth factors. SeeQ particles are activated by normal light entering the eye; so no external power source is needed. Periodic injections of SeeQ are required to stop the retinal degenerative process. Compared to the alternative treatments such as, surgical implantation of silicon chips in the eye, SeeQ is less invasive and more effective.