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Today, medical images are interpreted with manual tools: the process is time consuming and highly variable. Because of this, measurements are often skipped and assessments are mainly qualitative. The lack of quantification leads to high error rates in reading images and tracking patients longitudinally. Arterys makes advanced software products for medical image interpretation. Our products provide timely, accurate and consistent quantification of images, improving speed to results, as well as the quality of the information offered to the diagnosing physician. These improvements allow for much faster and better tracking of a patient’s condition, leading to better treatment decisions. For example, our cardiac MRI product can contour cardiac anatomy as accurately as experts, but takes 15-20 seconds instead of the 45-60 minutes required to do it manually. The benefits of these solutions are multiple: more accurate diagnostics improve outcomes and reduce waste, while automation saves significant amounts of clinician time. 


Now that our imaging platform is FDA-cleared, we are expanding into other imaging areas within cardiovascular imaging as well as entering into the oncology space, where consistent, quantified imaging is sorely needed. We plan to launch several new products by the end of 2018, in line with our founder’s vision; Arterys was formed when our founders realized that much more computation and advanced analytics were needed to harness all the valuable information in medical images, especially those generated by MRI and CT scanners. We are currently raising a series B with the aim of expanding our product portfolio and supporting the commercialization of our solutions. 

Company News

Arterys Raises $28 Million to Accelerate the Delivery of Medical AI to Practices Around the World

DateMay 29, 2020
"The current crisis has shown us the necessity of a different approach to providing healthcare, where technology and AI are crucial for future success. Arterys is committed to transforming the way AI is integrated into the medical workflow, a promise that is long due in the industry. We recently launched our cloud platform and marketplace that will consolidate the work of thousands of AI models to be readily available for use by healthcare institutions around the globe," said Henry Weinstein, Managing Partner at Benslie International Ltd.
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Cloud-based platform enables use of AI on medical images

DateJan 2, 2018
The Food and Drug Administration has approved Arterys’ web-based imaging analytics platform, which marries cloud-based supercomputing and artificial intelligence, for clinical use.

Arterys Completes Series B to accelerate product commercialization

DateNov 15, 2017
Arterys Inc., a privately-held company leading the transition to cloud infrastructure and artificial intelligence in medical imaging, today announced the close of its $30M Series B financing round.