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Title Co-Founder & CEO


Robotic surgery will soon be common practice. Today, most surgical robots are fully controlled by surgeons, and lack the ability to assist the surgeon with decision making. The missing element for smart robotic surgery is an advanced computing system that collects information during the procedure and can make suggestions accordingly.

At Augmedics, we take that first step into the future of surgery. We develop a smart surgical system, the ViZOR: An Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display equipped with various sensors and machine learning capabilities, to be the enabling technology for the future of surgery. Initially, the ViZOR will be an informative system, providing surgeons with valuable information during the surgery in a comfortable and intuitive manner. With its various sensors, the ViZOR collects big surgical data to process and analyze using deep learning algorithms. In time, the ViZOR will make suggestions, provide alerts, and perform other surgical assistance during the procedure.

The ViZOR comprises a proprietary, patent-pending see-through Augmented Reality optics that projects the patient’s medical imagery (CT / MRI scans) directly onto the surgeon’s retina, allowing visualization of the patient’s anatomy through skin and tissue.

Company News

Augmedics Secures $8.3 Million in Series A Funding for Augmented-Reality Surgical Visualization System

DateSep 19, 2017
Augmedics, a developer of an augmented-reality (AR) surgical visualization system, has secured $8.3 million in Series A funding. Led by Davos, Switzerland-based AO Invest, which is fully funded by the non-profit AO Foundation, as well as Israeli Innovation Authority, Terra Venture Partners and other undisclosed investors. Augmedics will use the proceeds to complete research and development as well as pre-clinical and clinical trials of its ViZOR System, establish strategic distribution partnerships, and seek 510(k) clearance for The ViZOR from the US. Food and Drug Administration.