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Need: Several thousand emergency tracheal intubations are performed each day by paramedics in the field or emergency doctors in the hospital setting.  During tracheal intubation, a flexible plastic tube is inserted into the trachea to maintain an open airway. Placing these tubes is time consuming, stressful and a large liability because often tracheal tubes are misplaced which can be lethal, if unrecognized.  Furthermore, the American Heart Association has continued to emphasize high-quality chest compressions while deemphasizing ventilation during CPR due the negative effects of current ventilation techniques on vital blood flow.
Solution: The “Ventor” is an emergency airway and ventilator system that streamlines the entire airway management and ventilation process in the highly chaotic emergency setting.  Too often emergency physicians and paramedics struggle with the critical task of securing an advanced airway at the sacrifice of other vital procedures which can ultimately cost a patient’s life.  The Ventor simplifies the stressful procedure of airway management to something so simple a child could do it.  Not only does the Ventor free the rescuer to focus on other critical interventions, it also utilizes a novel ventilation technique which is the first of its kind to increase vital blood flow during CPR.
Value: The Ventor delivers consistent life sustaining care in the unpredictable emergency environment. It saves time, resources and ultimately patients’ lives.