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Title Co-Founder


Summary: The surgical CoBot is a robotic device for tissue ablation that avoids unintended damage to important anatomical structures (nerves, membranes and blood vessels). Deneb proposes a solution based on a single platform that will lead to successive, more complex products. Specifically its business plan includes the development of two products: •BoneCut CoBot: a system based on optical and photonic techniques able to perform real-time selective ablation of bony tissue. This product is designed for open surgeries in neurosurgery, specifically craniotomy and laminectomy (spine surgery) •MultiTissue CoBot: based on the BoneCut CoBot, it adds the ability to distinguish different types of soft tissue (i.e. glands, nerves, blood vessels) and to perform a selective ablation of them. Its applications are in surgical disciplines such as urology, neurosurgery, head & neck surgery etc.

Need: Unintended damage to duramater occurs in up to 10% of skull base surgeries and laminectomies. Unintended damage to facial nerve in ear surgery and maxillofacial surgery does also sometimes occur. Unintended damage to recurrent laryngeal nerve in thyroid gland surgery is one key concern to head & neck surgeons as is unintended damage to important nerves to surgeons of all surgical disciplines. Deneb’s CoBot addresses this issue performing laser-based selective tissue ablation, which involves real-time tissue identification and real-time, identification-based tissue ablation.
Value: Avoid the risk of unintended surgical damage to important anatomical structures (nerves, membranes & blood vessels), that derive in greater variability of surgical outcomes and in longer duration of surgeries.