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Over 50% of chronic disease is related to our own unhealthy behaviors with smoking and weight being the largest causes of preventable death, disease and health care spending (over $360B and 490K lives annually). Most programs designed to address these behaviors rely on in-person or telephone-based coaching, yet 83% of surveyed smokers prefer an app over telephone coaching due to privacy and convenience.  For smoking cessation this allows 2Morrow to deliver 5X more quitters/dollar and engage 4X more users. 2Morrow offers a clinically-tested behavior change platform addressing smoking cessation, weight and stress (and soon chronic pain) based on an innovative acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) approach developed by behavioral scientists at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center that helps people deal with the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and urges that result in unhealthy behaviors. These programs are distributed by Payers (employers, states and health plans) to their employees/members to help lower their treatment and healthcare costs via a smartphone. For Providers, helping smokers quit can reduce readmission rates as much as 80% for some surgeries. By teaching people new ways of dealing with triggers, 2Morrow empowers  them to the change behaviors that result in chronic disease helping, for example, each smoker who quits save over $2,500/year in health costs alone and giving them up to 10 years of quality life.


2Morrow is in-market with smoking cessation, weight and stress programs generating early adopter revenue with Payers and Providers and signing up channel partners to increase distribution. 2Morrow will secure its market leading position by scaling sales & marketing efforts, supporting customizations for US and international distribution partners, building out the platform’s reporting/apis, continue improving the end user experience and adding or clinically testing the ACT-based chronic pain, weight and teen smoking cessation programs. 2Morrow is accelerating adoption as a market leader in the emerging Digital Therapeutics market, specifically focusing on behavior change.

Company News

2Morrow Raises $1.5M to Increase Access to Evidence-Based Digital Health

DateApr 14, 2021
2Morrow, Inc., a leader in offering evidence-based, digital health platforms, announces a $1.5M investment led by Seattle area life science investor WRF Capital.
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2Morrow Distributes Digital Health Programs Aimed at Smoking and Vaping Cessation on Walmart.com

DateFeb 19, 2020
2Morrow’s program was first developed and clinically-tested in collaboration with researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and has already helped over 75,000 tobacco users with their efforts to quit. Until now, the programs have been available only via select employers, states and organizations.
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2Morrow adds chronic pain management to its mobile behavior therapy offerings

DateFeb 22, 2018
As opioid abuse continues to make impact in the US, more and more tech-driven answers to the drug crisis are springing up that aim to reduce patients’ reliance on prescription opioids. Just yesterday, behavioral health therapy app maker 2Morrow threw its hat into the ring with the announcement that its services now include a digital chronic pain management program.