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Over 3 million surgeries are performed each year in the abdomen and pelvis, and accidental injury to the ureter during these cases is a $3.2 billion problem. Current techniques and methods to prevent ureter injury are lacking as they are either expensive and do not actually prevent injury, or are time consuming and inherently risk injury to the ureters. Allotrope Medical improves patient outcomes through reliable ureter identification which shortens OR time, decreases complications, and has the potential to decrease hospital length of stay at a reduced overall cost.

Allotrope has created a hand held, single use, battery powered device that quickly, easily and safely allows the surgeon to identify the ureter during minimally invasive surgery using electrical stimulation. Target users for the technology will be Ob/Gyn, general and colorectal surgeons and other specialties such as Urology and Vascular surgery also seeing applications in their field. The Allotrope technology shortens OR time, bypasses the need for additional expensive procedures, and can decrease accidental injuries to patients, all with a cost effective device.

Allotrope Medical’s device is currently pre-FDA and is hand held, stand-alone, with demonstrated efficacy in large animal models. The company’s next milestones are engagement with a product design/development firm, finalizing the alpha prototype, FDA clearance through the 510(k) pathway, and entering the marketplace Q1 of 2019. To date, Allotrope has received $350k in seed funding and is seeking $3M for Series A which will allow the company to complete planned milestones and gain early entry into hospitals.

Company News

Medical device-maker Allotrope Medical raises $4M Series A round

DateJun 1, 2021
Houston-based medical device company Allotrope Medical Inc. raised a $4 million funding round, the firm announced June 1.
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Allotrope Medical Announces FDA Clearance of StimSite™

DateNov 17, 2020
StimSite provides ob/gyns, general and colorectal surgeons the new ability to use their existing surgical instruments to help locate and identify ureters using electrical stimulation.
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Houston’s Allotrope Medical wins 2020 Texas A&M New Ventures Competition

DateMay 14, 2020
Dr. Albert Huang’s company Allotrope Medical took home the top $50,000 prize for the StimSite technology, which is a smooth muscle stimulation technology that allows surgeons to rapidly and safely identify critical tissue structures, like the ureter, during surgery.
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Allotrope Medical: A Simple Solution for Protecting the Ureter During Surgery

DateOct 12, 2017
There are three million surgical procedures each year (in the US) in which there is a risk of injuring the ureter, and rates of injury are highest in minimally invasive cases, where up to 30% of OR time can be spent on trying to identify the ureter to spare it from harm. Allotrope Medical has developed an intuitive, battery-operated, single-use handheld device to help surgeons see the location of this hidden part of the anatomy.

Finalists Announced for Annual MedTech Industry $500K Competition

DateSep 19, 2017
MedTech Innovator announces that Abreos Biosciences, Allotrope Medical, Day Zero Diagnostics, and Selio Medical will compete in the finals for the vote of the audience of industry leaders September 26 in San Jose, Calif., at The MedTech Conference powered by AdvaMed.