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We are developing wearable devices that can  be used with minimal training to non-invasively track changes in blood pressure (BP) without the pain and risk of an invasive arterial line (IAL). This will provide a low-cost, low-risk alternative for medical situations where IALs are not desired or possible or where frequent cuff measurements may be problematic.  PyrAmes’ devices can be used for inpatient, outpatient, and ambulatory applications.

Boppli and Bosimi Bands are based on patent-pending technology developed in Stanford Professor Zhenan Bao’s lab and licensed exclusively to PyrAmes. Our devices are wireless, low cost, easy to use, and extremely sensitive.  With a stretchable foam band and lightweight, low-power, water-resistant electronics, these devices are comfortable for long periods of time, eliminating the discomfort and risk of long-term damage inherent in cuff- and PPG-based non-invasive BP devices.  They acquire pulse data that correlates directly to arterial BP and stream it wirelessly to an Android application which uses machine learning algorithms to derive systolic (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) BPs. Unlike cuffs, the PyrAmes devices are not limited to SBP and DBP and can provide more detailed information about the cardiovascular system through the pulse waveform shape in the same way that IAL data has been related to mean arterial pressure, pulse pressure variation, heart rate, heart rate variability, cardiac output, and respiratory rate.

Company News

PyrAmes Raises $6 Million in Series A Financing

DateApr 20, 2021
PyrAmes, Inc., a digital healthcare company focused on innovative products for continuous blood pressure monitoring, today announced the completion of a $6 million Series A financing.
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PyrAmes Is Granted Breakthrough Device Designation for Boppli, a Continuous, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Monitoring System

DateMay 18, 2020
Breakthrough Device Designation has the potential to accelerate our plans to bring Boppli to market to improve medical care for babies in need of better blood pressure monitoring.
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