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Adult Medical Predictive Devices, Diagnostics and Displays, Inc. (AMP3D) has developed a platform for analytics and displays that makes sense of “Big Data” in health care. AMP3D at a glance enables earlier intervention and better outcomes by predicting potentially catastrophic events like emergent intubation, hemorrhage, and severe sepsis that can quadruple mortality and increase lengths-of-stay by more 9 days on average. AMP3D will use demonstrable return-on-investment to sell its platform as a service on a value-based pricing basis, aimed directly at quality measures and performance standards that impact reimbursement and payment. A 20% reduction in emergent intubations at a single medical ICU, for example, can save $600,000 annually; the addressable overall market opportunity for the in-patient market alone is in the billions of dollars.
AMP3D combines multiple data streams from bedside monitoring networks and electronic health records, processes these data using patented algorithms, and displays results in an immediately actionable, intuitive, and mobile-ready format called “CoMET” (Continuous Monitoring of Event Trajectories). Some 30 MD/PhD level physicians and scientists have studied ever-growing datasets comprising 100 TB for 10,000 patients and 1,000 clinically adjudicated events to refine AMP3D’s algorithms.
AMP3D can install CoMET on most existing monitor networks in under 24 hours—no new network or sensors required—and uses a single, real-time interface across wall monitors, desktops, and mobile devices. The platform is extensible to ambulatory outpatient populations with standard “wearable” devices. AMP3D is running IRB studies in preparation for a 510(k) filing.
J. Randall Moorman, MD—Professor of Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Engineering, and Biological Physics at the University of Virginia—founded AMP3D and now serves as its Chief Medical Officer. AMP3D’s CEO, Kevin L. Passarello, is a serial entrepreneur who has previously co-founded two ventures with successful exits, as well as a private equity fund.
AMP3D has sufficient founder capital to complete its current studies and FDA filing in Q1 2016, but looks to raise $3 million to $5 million in a series A round to hire additional engineering, support, and business development personnel and for sales and marketing initiatives.