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Adult Medical Predictive Devices, Diagnostics and Displays, Inc. (“AMP3D,” has developed a “big data/artificial intelligence” solution for clinical decision support throughout the whole hospital.  AMP3D’s platform called CoMET® (an acronym for “Continuous Monitoring of Event Trajectories”) offers a growing library that now comprises over 300 patient-population and diagnosis-specific predictive models—some 200 for intensive care units (for sepsis, bleeding, intubation, ICU bounceback, and more) and 100 for wards and non-ICU settings (including ICU transfer risk, infection, and readmission)—that its Software-as-a-Service system applies automatically in an AwareTM architecture that uniquely synthesizes all available streaming data from continuous monitoring, vital signs, lab tests, and electronic medical records.


CoMETdisplays continually updated risk estimate results in an intuitive, fully mobile-enabled user interface.  Clinicians can thus assess patients as many as 24 hours earlier in their courses of illness, and initiate diagnostic and therapeutic measures proactively instead of reactively.  These methods can avoid bad outcomes that can quintuple mortality and increase lengths-of-stay by over 9 days on average.  AMP3D’s models derive from clinical study of more than 150 patient years (over 150 TB) of monitoring data through 2+ million observations, chart-by-chart review of 10,000+ patient files, and physician adjudication of 1,000+ cases of target events. AMP3D can install CoMETon most existing hospital networks in under 24 hours—no new network or sensors required—and uses a single, real-time interface across wall monitors, workstations, and mobile devices


AMP3D announced a partnership with Premier Inc. (NASDAQ: PINC)  This endeavor envisions distribution of CoMET among Premier’s 3,900-hospital member network.  AMP3D can leverage already-available lab-test and vital-sign data in Premier’s TheraDoc® platform.  AMP3D can also work with leading device integrators to leverage the valuable data within hospitals, that they might otherwise simply discard, to provide best of breed decision support for clinicians.


  1. Randall Moorman, MD—Professor of Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Engineering, and Biological Physics at the University of Virginia—founded AMP3D and now serves as its Chief Medical Officer. AMP3D’s CEO, Kevin L. Passarello, is a serial entrepreneur who has previously co-founded two ventures with successful exits, as well as a private equity fund. The company is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia and has not raised any outside capital.