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Title CEO and President


Emmetrope is developing next-generation accommodative lenses. The holy grail of accommodative lenses must deliver a lens that accommodates at least two diopters, has a stable effect, is placed in the capsular bag and is compatible with modern cataract technique. Emmetrope is well on its way to achieving this goal. We are a small angel-funded company, but we have taken our first lens, called Actalens™, through clinical testing. The results, presented at ESCRS and currently in press, show that our lens outperforms other lenses in terms of anterior movement with accommodation. This accommodative movement has recently been independently validated and shown to be stable out to 20 months post surgery. Emmetrope, despite its size, now has best in class movement and stability of effect. Our final push toward the ultimate accommodative lens is about to begin. Computer modeling with finite element analysis demonstrates that our ActaLens platform, in its two layer embodiment, will yield a shape-change lens that offers over three diopters of accommodation. We are seeking series A financing to model, produce and clinically test this next generation shape change lens as well as take our first generation lens through CE mark and launch. The two year goal is specific and would have tremendous financial return for our company. We want to employ our validated Actalens platform to produce a shape-change lens with unprecedented objective accommodation.