CytoChip Inc.


Contact Wendian Shi
Title CEO


CytoChip is a company founded on the vision that medical tests should not be limited in central labs, but should be available at places close to doctors and patients. Complete blood count (CBC) is a medical test for infections, anemia and many other illnesses, in need by 10-30% patient visits. Over 600 million CBC are tested in US each year (Medicare reimbursement $10.58). However, current technologies are qualified only for central labs, while many physician offices could not afford to operate such a lab. There is a high demand of a simple-to-use technology for CBC test (categorized as “CLIA waived” by FDA). To address this market, CytoChip develops a disposable cartridge technology, which is distinct from current CBC products and suitable for decentralized test. The CytoChip cartridge uses only one drop of blood from fingerstick and two minute to complete the CBC test. With this product, not only doctors are able provide better care for patients but also it becomes financially sustainable to provide decentralized CBC tests. Currently there are over 250,000 such decentralized labs in physician offices and pharmacy clinics. The market size of the decentralized CBC is estimated to be $1.2 billion per year.