Subtle Medical



SubtlePET’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology enables hospitals and imaging centers to enhance images from faster PET scans. The software aims to decrease PET exam durations by up to 4-fold, increasing the total number of patients that can be scanned daily. Faster scans lead to an improved patient experience during imaging procedures while boosting hospital throughput and profitability.

SubtlePET enables hospitals and imaging centers to scan more patients in a day compared to conventional PET imaging without the need for capital expenditures. It helps hospitals and imaging centers enhance their bottom line in today’s competitive healthcare environment. The technology utilizes deep learning algorithms that integrate seamlessly with any PET scanner (both PET/CT and PET/MR) and PACS system to enhance images during acquisition without any interruption or alteration in the radiologist’s workflow. SubtlePET reduces patient time in the scanner, which is particularly beneficial for the elderly, children, and those undergoing repeat PET exams.

SubtlePET received FDA Clearance and CE Mark approval in November, 2018. It is the first AI software FDA cleared for imaging enhancement. It is currently in pilot clinical use in multiple university hospitals and imaging centers in the U.S. and abroad.

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