MedTech Innovator 2020 Showcase Companies

We’re excited to unveil the device, diagnostics, and digital health technologies who have been selected to participate in MedTech Innovator’s 2020 Accelerator cohort, out of over 1,000 applications. These companies were Showcased during The MedTech Conference. You can see watch their one minute videos




7D Surgical

Machine-vision navigation system for radiation-free image guidance in spine and cranial surgery




Universal surgical navigation & visualisation enabling real time remote guided precision surgery



Aidar Health

Rapid health assessment device for early detection & management of exacerbation in COPD patients




Eliminates death from healthcare-associated infections by early and rapid diagnostic biosensor




Biolinq is a venture-backed medical device company developing a next-gen wearable biosensor




BioSense developed the first working non-contact EKG that enables constant, non-invasive monitoring



Candesant Biomedical

Candesant is building a new category in the sweat control market with a device that will significantly reduce sweat with a single 3 minute treatment




Wearable patch for monitoring and managing cardiac diseases such as hypertension and heart failure




Device-enabled mitochondria transplantation therapy for heart disease




In-home diagnostic analysis of sleep EEG, delivered as a contemporary digital health product



Circadia Health

Contactless remote monitoring system for early detection of respiratory failure




Implantable heart assist pump providing a physiologic flow to advanced heart failure patients




Novel suturing device for flexible endoscopy for tissue approximation and large defects management




ForceFilm provides a digital “sense of touch” in surgical robotics



Hyalex Orthopaedics

transformational synthetic cartilage technology and implant systems for diseased and damaged joints




iDentical is leveraging the latest 3D technology to make a personalized, drill-free dental implant




Rapid tests that read the immune response to bring precision medicine to the point of care



Iterative Scopes

Endoscopic video AI analytics platform, bringing precision medicine to Gastroenterology



Lief Therapeutics

Remote patient monitoring for mental health with wearable ECG & HIPAA-compliant clinician dashboard




Minimally invasive technology to treat CLTI patients facing imminent risk of major amputation



MagPAD Medical

MagPAD is a magnetic steerable catheter used in heart surgery that will revolutionize TAVR




Cardiac hydrogel implants and endocardial delivery system to prevent and reverse heart failure



Monarch Biosciences

The Titan Stent is a faster, more reliable device for treating intracranial aneurysms



Moray Medical

Bringing the benefits of robotics to the structural heart field.  Fixing hearts and saving lives.




Purely physical, non-drug, non-invasive solution to chronic constipation in form of a medical device



Nasus Medical

We are building a targeted local drug delivery device for the treatment of Chronic Rhinosinusitis




Breakthrough cardiac arrest treatment with the 1st intelligent flouroscopy-free balloon catheter



Novian Health

Minimally-invasive laser alternative to surgery for focal destruction of breast and other tumors




Connected implantable vascular access port and AI enabled oncology risk management system



OXOS Medical

Hand-held medical imaging device bringing safer, clearer, and faster x-ray to the point-of-care



Parker Isaac Instruments

First automated, scalable solution for pathologists to set a new standard in colorectal cancer care




Percutaneous polymeric heart valve reduces surgeries in kids & adults with
congenital heart disease



Provisio Medical

Integrated smart catheter technology that provides precise automated real-time flow lumen dimensions


Puzzle Medical Devices

Minimally invasive long-term hemodynamic transcatheter pump for patients with advanced heart failure




Relavo is a medical device venture working to improve home therapies by preventing infection



Remedee Labs

Remedee is the first personal endorphin stimulator for pain management




Wearable for the noninvasive monitoring of ventricular shunt function for hydrocephalus patients



Sentien Biotechnologies

Ex-vivo cell therapy providing dynamically responsive therapy for systemic inflammatory conditions




A revolutionary blood test to detect life-threatening sepsis causing pathogens within 15 minutes




A clinically validated, digital therapeutics platform, scalable across multiple therapeutic areas




Sonavex’s EchoMark & EchoSure improve AV fistula maturation, a procedure with a 30%-70% failure rate




TIVUS is a treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension that can delay the progression of disease



Synergia Medical SA

Implantable neural stimulation platform enabling therapeutics MRI

Vena Vitals

Continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitor in the form of a soft flexible sticker on your skin




ClotChip is a handheld point of care global assay device used to identify bleeding profile risk