2017 MedTech Innovator Accelerator Companies



We're the Omada Health of Smoking, delivering clinically tested mobile behavior change

Abreos Biosciences

Pioneering laboratory and point-of-care tests for precision dosing of biologic drugs


Next-generation devices to lift the burden of heart failure

Allotrope Medical

A handheld device that uses electrical stimulation for ureter identification during surgery


Software to harness far more valuable information from medical images


Image guided laser therapy to treat prostate cancer in a doctor’s office

Day Zero Diagnostics

We combine genome sequencing and machine learning to combat antimicrobial resistant infections

Eximis Surgical

Xcor enables the safe, fast removal of large specimens through small incisions.

ExplORer Surgical

Digital surgical playbook to improve intraoperative communication & efficiency


CardioFlux is a medical device capable of passively, and without patient contact, measuring the cardiac generated magnetic fields emanating from...
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Tele-dermatology platform for the monitoring of skin cancer & other skin conditions

mOm Incubators

Portable, inflatable, cost-effective incubator for preventing neonatal complications including infection


Wearable remote monitoring alert garment for Congestive Heart Failure disease management


Biomarker-based test to assess patients’ sensitivity for personalizing radiotherapy

Osso VR

Hands-on medical device training platform using virtual reality


Palmm solves excessive hand sweating with a convenient, at-home treatment

Rx Assurance

Saas-based solution providing opioid Rx optimization tools for physicians and 1st responders

Selio Medical

Novel technology eliminating a common, costly and dangerous complication of lung biopsy


Implantable device that actively detects infection after joint replacement, and wirelessly communicates with surgeons


Spinal decompression device for relieving back pain without the use of drugs