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The VerteCore Lift™ provides rapid relief for most sources of back pain and spinal discomfort caused by compressed/bulging discs, SI joint disfunction, pinched nerves, sciatica, and functional scoliosis, using an affordable, convenient, and mobile spinal decompression system for active people on the go.

The VerteCore Lift™ is a patent-pending medical device that incorporates bio-mechanical technology to decompress the spine utilizing an easy-to-use dual support harness combined with a one-of-a-kind ratcheting system on each side of the brace.

Similar to how a car jack lifts a vehicle with each crank of a jack handle, handles on each side of the brace can simultaneously jack up the brace until back comfort is achieved. Creating more space between the spine’s discs generates inverse pressure within the discs, thereby assisting the return of blood flow and resorbing the bulging disc material, relieving pressure on pinched nerves. This facilitates the body’s natural healing ability.

This lightweight device is comfortable and slim enough to be worn under normal clothing so that patients can continue with normal daily routines while receiving spinal decompression therapy.

The VerteCore Lift™ provides a novel approach to pain management and decompression therapy that enhances recovery and may eliminate the need for hospitalization, pain medications and surgery, while saving money and allowing patients to remain mobile during treatment.

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Shark Tank Meets Spine Start Up VerteCore!

DateJul 21, 2017
While most of the talk this summer has been about shark sightings and attacks along our beaches and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’s race against the great white shark on the Discovery channel, there are some entrepreneurs who are quietly preparing to go head to head with a different group of sharks in the upcoming season of ABC’s Shark Tank which is scheduled to return in the fall.