SilverCloud discusses user experience in online mental health

The importance of user experience in developing online mental health interventions

When assessing the merits of online mental health solutions there are clear advantages in terms of the positive clinical outcomes they yield. However, we here at SilverCloud advocate that another significant aspect should be given consideration namely the user’s experience of their treatment. Insights into user experience can and should be utilised to continuously inform and improve how online interventions are delivered, something that SilverCloud are committed in doing.

Why user experience is so important

The understanding and acknowledgement of the clients’ experiences as experts in their own care is crucial. Exploring users’ experiences, perceptions and satisfaction with interventions can only further serve to enhance online interventions as these factors are linked to improved functioning, clinical outcomes, and improved attrition rates (Ankuta and Abeles, 1993). A study into user experience (n=281) was conducted as part of our recent RCT[1] to assess users’ acceptance and satisfaction with their online supported treatment for depression (Space from Depression).

Results highlights


The ability to access their treatment whenever, wherever was one of the most liked aspects by users.


Well supported

One of the key features of SilverCloud is the integration of a human supporter. In the study 72% reported feeling well supported and said that the inclusion of a Supporter was one of the most liked features.

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