Fibralign beats 267 other startups at the 2014 MedTech Innovator competition

Fibralign, a startup medical device company, just took home the grand prize in the 2014 MedTech Innovator competition, winning over 267 other startups. Their product, Biobridge, is a possible cure for secondary lymphedema, a debilitating disease with few available treatment options. Secondary lymphedema describes a condition in which the lymph system, which is responsible for removing extracellular fluid, is disrupted, resulting in the accumulation of extracellular fluid. This can lead to swelling in the extremities, which can cause significant discomfort and is cosmetically unappealing. This condition is most commonly associated with breast cancer patients who sometimes must undergo aggressive lymph node dissections in the armpit in order to stage their cancer, but it can happen in any condition in which the lymph system has been disrupted.

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