Abreos gets Grant of 850 000 USD for monitoring of Crohns disease

Abreos Biosciences has been awarded funding for phase two of the “Personalized precision dosing of anti-TNF biological therapies” project by, among others, the National Institute of Health’s (NIH). This “Fast Track Award” is the second part of a project focused on treating chronic inflammatory diseases.  The funding will enable the company to continue developing a device to measure infliximab drugs in patients treated for Crohn’s disease. Clinical validation studies leading to CE and FDA approval will be followed shortly thereafter.

“This award allows us to continue this exciting and important project. Combined with our recent joint venture, Aegirbio, and the Magniareader platform it brings, we now have a clear scientific and commercial path to bring these tools to the patients that need them”, say Abreos Biosciences CEO, Dr. Bradley Messmer.

”We have here additional strong proof and support for the ideas behind the formation of Aegirbio. The market for Remicade/Infliximab is estimated to $150 millions per year, a market that will be addressed by MagniaReader tests from Aegirbio,”, says Anders Ingvarsson, acting CEO in Aegirbio.