MedTech Innovator 2018 Accelerator Companies



AblaCare is developing a minimally invasive approach for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) related infertility.


A non-enzymatic synthetic genetic test that enables rapid measurement of a patient’s infectious disease viral load at the point-of-care

American BioOptics

Screening platform for colorectal and other cancers using low- coherence enhanced backscattering to acquire representative tissue sampling in minimally invasive manner

AtaCor Medical

Implant delivering bradycardia pacing therapy w/out need for device placement within or on the heart.

ATRO Medical

A meniscus prosthesis for patients with chronic knee osteoarthritis that provides pain relief, restores mobility, and improves overall quality of life

AuriGen Medical

Next generation cardiac implant to treat both the stroke & arrhythmia risk associated with atrial fibrillation.

Avisi Technologies

Developing VisiPlate, a nanotechnology-enabled implant that controls intraocular pressure in the eye to treat open-angle glaucoma.


An non-invasive handheld multimodal frequency system to treat sinus infections.

Bone Health Technologies

Consumer health technology which utilizes mechanical stimulation to modulate bone cell activity for low bone mass conditions (osteopenia and osteoporosis)


Laparoscopic cleaner that maximizes clinician vision and skill in the OR: surgery as it's meant to be seen


CoapTech is commercializing the PUMA Platform, a minimally-invasive surgical system enabling an entirely new category of ultrasound-guided procedures in hollow organs.


Blind-insertion advanced airway & ventilator system to simplify intubation.


Minimally invasive device for tricuspid regurgitation that is quick, easy & safe to deliver.

Deneb Medical

Surgical robotic imaging for selective tissue identification & ablation.


Noninvasive, aerosol biopsy platform for lung disease diagnosis including cancer & infection.


Point of Care GI biopsy triaging & stratification system using infrared spectroscopy.


Endoscopically-placed device that treats obesity and diabetes by reversibly mimicking the anatomy and physiologic changes of surgical gastric bypass without surgery.

EPIC Neuro

Simple, minimally-invasive brain stimulator for stroke recovery


Wirelessly powered, pulsatile intraventricular mini pump for severe heart failure disease management.

Flosonics Medical

First wireless wearable hemodynamic monitoring device using non-invasive ultrasound

Forest Devices

A portable device which uses EEG and machine learning to diagnose Large Vessel Occlusions and other stroke subtypes; enables first responders to triage patients to proper stroke centers

HD Medical

EKG-enabled intelligent stethoscope that leverages AI and predictive analytics technologies to instantly detect and diagnose cardiac anomalies

HEPTA Medical

Endoscopically-delivered microwave ablation catheter with integrated temperature feedback for real time targeting and dosing

Ictero Medical

Catheter-based platform to drain the gallbladder & treat gallstones in high-risk patients.

Ischemia Care

ISCDx uses gene expression to discover cause of ischemic stroke (including atrial fibrillation) enabling targeted treatment for prevention of secondary stroke