Incereb Ltd.

EEG electrode array which can be attached to the NICU infant quickly.

CystoSure / Emmy Medical

CystoSure™ - Making Cystoscopy Simple, Safe and Predictable


Powerful and proprietary mechanism leads to best-in-class accommodative movement

CytoChip Inc.

A simple-to-use device for complete blood count

Disease Diagnostic Group

Handheld, reusable point-of-care-multiplexing screening / diagnostic / tracking device for infectious diseases

Cognition Medical

Medical device removing clot and protecting the brain after stroke

BrainStem Biometrics

Non-invasive low cost high margin disposable brainstem activity sensor system


Endovascular device removes chemotherapy from the blood thus reducing toxicity


Bloomlife's wearables track physiological changes to power predictive prenatal analytics

AUM Cardiovascular, Inc.

Non-invasive, handheld cardiovascular diagnostic device