Micro-needle device for targeted, non-invasive extraction of skin biomarkers

Lightpoint Medical

Intra-operative imaging technology for cancer surgery using Cerenkov luminescence imaging

Mighty Oak Medical

Mighty Oak is developing a prize-winning spine technology that features an affordable and disposable option for surgical navigation.

Life Assist

wearable "OnStar for seniors"

Liberate Medical

Breath synchronized abdominal stimulation to enhance breathing in COPD patients.

LensGen, Inc.

An implantable lens that obviates the need for reading glasses.

KNOX Medical Diagnostics

Personalized medicine: predicting the onset of asthma flares


IntelliDrain delivers patient-specific pulmonary therapy to improve thoracic surgery outcomes

Incereb Ltd.

EEG electrode array which can be attached to the NICU infant quickly.


Next generation, behind-the-teeth, customized, shape memory alloy orthodontic braces system