Green Sun Medical

Green Sun’s dynamic scoliosis brace continually corrects the spine and delivers online feedback

PreDxion Bio

PreDxion Bio's MicroKine brings precision medicine to the sickest patients in the ICU

Sontina Medical

Sontina will disrupt the $650MM breast biopsy market with our inexpensive/fast/high-precision tool

Vetex Medical

Vetex’s device is for venous thrombus extraction without the use of thrombolytics

Tueo Health

Tueo’s at-home monitor gives objective measurement of asthma status

Spry Health

Spry Health's wearable and predictive analytics prevent hospital admissions and reduce spending

Catalia Health

The Mabu healthcare coach creates long-term patient engagement and behavior change


Colovac is an anastomosis protection device designed to alleviate the need for ostomies and artificial anuses


Intensix’s analytics engine predicts time-sensitive ICU complications such as sepsis or AKI

V-Sense Medical Devices

The Sentinel measures the heart and respiratory rate of a patient or subject from across the room, without any physical contact. It then adds the readings directly to the EHR system