V-Sense Medical Devices



Nursing home vital sign monitoring is currently performed manually by an overworked nursing staff. The nurse must walk to each room and physically take the measurements, which is time-consuming, inconvenient and uncomfortable for the patient (often requiring them to be woken up) and yields inconsistent results that are operator-dependent. Then, the nurse must return to her station to manually enter the information into the electronic health system (EHR), which introduces another opportunity for error and takes up more precious time.

The Sentinel measures vital signs from a smartphone-size device in each room without any physical contact, discomfort or disturbance of the patient and transmits the information into the EHR. This occurs automatically on the precise schedule determined by the patient’s personal physician, saves time for the nurses, and reduces the nurses’ data entry burden. The device also alerts the nurses if a specified threshold is crossed, to enable an immediate response.