2017 MedTech Innovator Showcase Companies





Clinically-tested, mobile behavior change platform for improving health & wellness



Abreos Biosciences

Precision dosing of biologics for maximized therapeutic outcomes and minimum side effects



Access Vascular

Hydrogel-based biomaterial to reduce thrombotic response & subsequent clinical complications



Advanced Prenatal Therapeutics

Medical device specifically designed to treat preeclampsia



Alleviant Medical

A minimally-invasive transcatheter device to treat congestive heart failure.



Allotrope Medical

Handheld device using electrical stimulation for ureter identification during surgery



Amnis Therapeutics

Blood clot retrieval device for the treatment of acute ischemic stroke



Aqueduct Critical Care

Smart shunt for managing CSF in critical care patients post-neurosurgery




Automated, intelligent, cloud-based platform for medical imaging analysis



Avenda Health

Image-guided laser therapy to treat prostrate cancer in a doctor’s office



Centerline Biomedical

3D visualization platform for the navigation of surgical guidewires & catheters



Day Zero Diagnostics

Whole genome sequencing & machine learning to rapidly diagnose & treat serious infections



EBS Technologies

Non-invasive optic nerve stimulation device for restoring vision




Implantable ultra thin-film cell delivery technology for diabetes management



Evoke Medical

Biomechanically activated osteoinductive spinal fusion device



Eximis Surgical

Device for the safe, fast removal of large specimens during minimally invasive surgeries



ExplORer Surgical

Digital surgical playbook to improve intraoperative communication & efficiency




Passive imaging of the heart’s electric currents for applications in the ER



Genomic Expression

RNA-sequencing based technology for identifying the appropriate therapy for cancer patients



GreenLight Medical

Cloud-based software for hospital procurement of new medical technology



Harbor MedTech

Skin substitute for use in managing partial & full thickness wounds



HemaFlo Therapeutics

Drag-reducing polymer doubles blood flow w/out increasing blood pressure to treat AKI



Innoblative Designs

Intelligent, deep-learning device for personalized ablative cancer treatment



M&S Biotics

Combining RFID technology & artificial intelligence to automate surgical counting in the OR



MetaOptima Technology

Tele-dermatology platform for monitoring skin cancer & other skin conditions



mOm Incubators Ltd

Portable, cost-effective incubator for preventing neonatal complications including infection




Sensor technology for diagnosing Acute Compartment Syndrome (ACS)




Garment with nanosensors for remote patient monitoring in CHF disease management



Landsdowne Labs

Specialized tape designed for fragile skin



Nexeon Medsystems

Closed-loop neurostimulation for relief of chronic neurological disease




Catheter system for the precision delivery of therapeutic agents to treat liver cancer




Biomarker-based test to assess patients’ sensitivity for personalizing radiotherapy




Blood test to enable breast cancer detection two years before mammography



Osso VR

Hands-on medical device training platform using virtual reality




At-home electrostimulation device for the treatment of hyperhidrosis




Blockchain solution to connect patients to their health information




Access tool for percutaneous epicardial procedures to replace open-chest surgery




Safe, Fast, Easy Needle-Free drug/biologic delivery platform




Respiratory monitoring for the detection of opioid-induced respiratory depression




Cost effective, office-based MRI with cellular spatial resolution




Modern API for EHR integration that bridges health systems to the cloud



Revolutionary Medical Devices

Non-invasive nasal ventilation platform for treating sedation-related respiratory compromise



RxAssurance Corporation

SaaS-based solution providing opioid Rx optimization tools for physicians & patients



Selio Medical

Smart access needle for eliminating pneumothorax as a result of lung biopsy




Platform for diagnosing & treating brain disorders including autism & ADHD




Smaller, safer blood pump to help infants & children with heart failure



VerteCore Technologies

Spinal decompression device for relieving back pain without the use of drugs



Voyager Biomedical

Implant to improve vascular access for dialysis patients



Zebra Medical Technologies

Live cellular imaging for real-time cancer detection