Distal Motion


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Title CEO


Summary: We make surgical robotics simple, safe and affordable. This enables laparoscopic surgeons to benefit off the dexterity, precision, and ergonomics advantages of robotic surgery, all the while staying sterile, without creating additional costs for the patient, hospitals, and payers. We place the robot in an all-inclusive rental at $2,500 / month (including robot, training, maintenance, and upgrades), and then sell single-use, Da Vinci equivalent instruments at $150 per instrument. This results in total costs per procedures of $600 – $800, assuming the use of four instruments per surgery (two for dissection, two for suturing).
– Total cost of ownership below $1,000 per case, 15x lower than the Da Vinci
– Pure pay-per-use business, including robot, instruments, training and servicing
Workflow Integration:
– Surgeon remains sterile at the patient
– Switch between laparoscopy and Dexter robotics in less than 15 seconds
– Surgeon can continue using best-in-class endoscopy solutions (incl. 3D), and advanced instruments (incl. staplers, vessel sealers, ultrasound, microwave)
Robotics Benefits:
– Da Vinci equivalent ergonomics and instruments
– Short learning curve for surgeon and nurses, short setup time