Cohort Company News

Miracor Medical is highlighted at TCT 2015 in San Francisco

Miracor’s PiCSO® Impulse System highlighted as novel therapy for Cardioprotected PCI at TCT 2015 in San Francisco. TCT (Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics) is the world’s largest educational meeting specializing in interventional cardiovascular medicine and was held by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation.

Bloom Technologies is accepted into the Healthbox Salt Lake City Studio Cohort

Bloom Technologies combines physiological monitoring with data analytics to reassure moms, while providing doctors with better information to improve birth outcomes. Bloom Technologies is accepted into the latest class of 14 healthcare technology companies that will participate in Healthbox's combined Salt Lake City Studio and Intermountain Foundry Program.

Lightpoint Medical’s LightPathTM Imaging System is CE marked

Lightpoint Medical, an innovative medical device company specializing in imaging technologies, announced today that the LightPath™ Imaging System is now CE marked, enabling the launch of the device in Europe. ... "Bringing LightPath™ to market is an important milestone in our efforts to transform cancer surgery."

Briteseed vs. Surgical Perspective

Briteseed has raised $46,250 in cofounder contributions; significant business plan awards, including $73,500 in cash; $1.15 million raised in seed round using a convertible note.

Admetsys Wins Top Prize at SXSW Hatch Pitch competition

At the Hatch pitch competition five companies came away victorious including Admetsys. The winners received first round interview at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator; slots in two other accelerators; credits for services from Microsoft and Amazon; entrepreneur office hours.

Fibralign beats 267 other startups at the 2014 MedTech Innovator competition

The Biobridge is an implant that has been shown to be able to guide the growth of new lymph channels. This technology can be used as an adjunct to existing treatments for the condition to hopefully improve outcomes. Fibralign has benefited from grants from the DoD and NSF to support a large animal study and develop production tools for making its initial product.

Fibralign set to bring new device option for secondary lymphedema

Fibralign's first product, BioBridge, is developed to address Secondary Lymphedema, a global chronic debilitating disease that affects over 120 million people and has no cure. The company successfully completed a large animal study that validated BioBridge-treated diseased lymphatic tissue. Fibralign is now preparing for 510(k) submission and a clinical study.