PhotoniCare Takes Home First Place at HealthTECH Startup Competition

Illinois Ventures portfolio company PhotoniCare won first place and $25,000 at the 7th Annual Insight Product Development 2019 HealthTECH Startup Competition. The annual competition brings together entreprenuers and industry leaders and aims to improve lives by bringing innovative health solutions to patients, encourage entrepreneurship in the healthcare industry, grow the medical innovation ecosystem and connect investors and corporations with early-stage companies.

PhotoniCare is a medical device start-up in Champaign, IL, developing technology invented at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign by the company’s founders. This handheld imaging technology provides access to new clinical indicators that will fundamentally change the way middle ear infections and other middle ear diseases are managed, by providing unprecedented views into the middle ear space where these diseases take place. PhotoniCare’s TOMi Scope is a handheld diagnostic device that uses near-infrared light waves to provide 3D views beyond the eardrum into the middle ear. This allows pediatricians to better visualize and diagnose infections.