SilverCloud Health Selected for Express Scripts’ Industry-First Digital Health Formulary for Mental and Behavioral Health

SilverCloud Health, one of the leading digital mental health platforms, today announced that Express Scripts, the largest independent manager of pharmacy benefits in the United States, will include SilverCloud’s evidenced-based digital mental health platform on its new digital health formulary in 2020. This makes the platform more widely available to people nationwide who  are suffering from anxiety, depression, stress and sleep-related issues, like insomnia.

Express Script’s digital health formulary will include digital and mobile health apps and devices to complement existing treatments. Once in place, participating health plans and employers can increase patients’ access to emerging products and technologies, and rest assured that these new tools have been reviewed by a team of experts, who will ensure the products work, provide a user-friendly experience and are worth the investment.

This careful evaluation is especially important, given the over 300,000 digital products on the market today, and the need to carefully assess the best tools for specific conditions. Available in 2020, each digital solution included in the formulary was chosen because of demonstrable therapeutic value, effective usability, as well as stringent security and privacy standards and cost-effectiveness.

“It’s our job to find the right digital health solutions for our clients and patients, and then make sure patients use these solutions effectively,”said Mark Bini, Chief Patient Experience Officer, Express Scripts.  “With the Express Scripts Digital Health Formulary, we’ve created more than just a list of approved programs or a vendor management process. We built a foundation for the future of care and pharmacy that will deliver better access, affordability, and health.

Having SilverCloud’s digital mental health platform as part of the formulary is especially significant because mental and behavioral health is a major disease burden, with one in four adults affected by a diagnosable mental health condition and access to traditional forms of mental healthcare often unavailable or delayed due to long wait times or under-staffed care organizations. The delivery of mental healthcare digitally helps to significantly overcome these barriers.

“SilverCloud’s digital mental health platform is clinically proven, having delivered treatment to more than 300,000 users to date. The solution will help Express Scripts execute on its mission of creating a better healthcare system by providing greater choice, predictability, affordability and improved outcomes,” said Ken Cahill, CEO of SilverCloud Health. “It also adds another effective tool for the company to utilize in its digital formulary, creating personalized solutions that make a meaningful difference for those covered by an Express Scripts plan and ultimately helping its members to live better, healthier lives.”

SilverCloud’s platform offers a library of over 30 evidence-based, digital programs designed specifically to provide earlier and easier access to mental healthcare. With this digital approach complemented by highly qualified, mental health coaches, many of the existing barriers that traditionally prevent patients from accessing much needed mental health services—such as cost, lack of access to treatment and stigma concerns—are removed. With SilverCloud’s mental health programs addressing a broad spectrum of mental health concerns, the company is positioned to improve patient outcomes and engagement for Express Scripts members, as it has done for more than 250 organizations internationally.                                                                                                                                             

About SilverCloud Health

SilverCloud Health is the world’s leading digital mental health company, enabling healthcare organizations to deliver clinically validated digital health/therapeutic care that improves outcomes, increases access and scale while reducing costs. The company’s multi-award-winning digital mental health platform is a result of over 16 years of clinical research with leading academic institutions. Today, SilverCloud is being used by over 250 organizations globally to meet their populations’ mental health needs. Global experts have deeply validated the platform through full randomized control trials and real-world data from over 300,000 SilverCloud users.

The platform continues to lead the industry with its effectiveness, engagement, and range of clinical programs that encompass the spectrum of mental health needs.