2018 MedTech Innovator Showcase Companies

We’re excited to unveil the best-of-class device, diagnostics, and digital health technologies who were selected to participate in MedTech Innovator’s 2018 Showcase program. These companies showcased at the Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati’s 26th Annual Medical Device Conference in San Francisco and The MedTech Conference in Philadelphia. For more information, click the company’s logo below.





Minimally invasive procedure and device to treat PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) linked infertility



AtaCor Medical

Implantable pacemaker system that does not touch the veins or heart.



AuriGen Medical

Next generation cardiac implant to treat both the stroke & arrhythmia risk associated with atrial fibrillation




The first artificial heart for your feet and legs




Non-Invasive Treatment for Sinus Infections



BeamLine Diagnostics

A point of care cancer screening tool




Non-invasive, 3D-reconstruction of the coronary tree to highlight the “culprit” lesion & the FFR in the lesion




CereMetrix is a medical imaging and analytics platform used to accurately diagnose brain disorders.




Advanced airway & ventilation system to simplify intubation and increase effectivity of CPR



Conavi Medical

Commercial-stage company that develops image guidance technologies for use in minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures



ContinUse Biometrics

Effortless, non-touch and highly accurate sensing technology for preventive medical care




Minimally invasive device for tricuspid regurgitation that employs quick, well-established techniques to repair the tricuspid valve without the need for surgery




Neural interface technology creating a world where computers are natural extensions of thought & movement




Fast, non-invasive, inexpensive, precise and globally accessible tool for brain health monitoring



Decisio Health

Identifies risk and reduces the time to intervention using real-time clinical surveillance with data visualization



Deneb Medical

Laser-based surgical CoBot for selective tissue ablation




Decoding lung health through Aerosol Biopsy




Democratizing Robotic Surgery



Embrace Orthopaedics

Adjustable support integrated directly into clothing in order to relieve joint pain and instability.




Dynamic 3D Knee Assessment device, to identify and measure causes of knee pain



Empirical Spine

Dynamic stabilization system offering an alternative to spinal fusion.




Implantable hemodynamic sensor and patient management platform to help detect worsening heart failure




Wirelessly powered, pulsatile intraventricular mini pump for severe heart failure disease management



Gauss Surgical

iPad-based blood loss monitor for early hemorrhage recognition and precise transfusion management



GT Medical Technologies

Improving the Lives of Patients with Brain Tumors



Ictero Medical

A truly minimally invasive therapy for high-risks patients with gallstone disease



Impleo Medical

Minimally invasive injection therapy for gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD)



Lungpacer Medical

Neurostimulation device to reduce costs/morbidity and promote independent breathing for mechanically ventilated patients




Enabling patient generated data to drive healthcare, clinical research, and personalized medicine.




Digital medical device that diagnoses Acute compartment syndrome (ACS) with unrivaled accuracy and usability



NitiNotes Surgical

Transoral delivery of gastric sleeve, converting laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy to endoscopic procedure



ODS Medical

AI-enabled optical probe for real-time tumor margin assessment during solid tumour surgery



Paragate Medical

Implantable device to continuously & actively prevent fluid overload in heart failure patients




Neuromodulation device for chronic pain management, sleep and recovery




Low-cost imaging platform: first product reduces over-treatment in US 1.2M-surgery-per-year disease.




Novel platform technology for blunt dissection that rapidly separates appropriate tissues while preserving critical tissues




Wearable respiratory monitor for the detection of opioid induced ventilatory impairment




Non-invasive, real-time platform technology to visualize blood flow and perfusion in tissues



Sana Health

Neuromodulation device for chronic pain management, sleep and recovery




Vascular access sheath with embedded sensors for the early detection & monitoring of bleeding complications during endovascular procedures



SoundBite Medical Solutions

Wire-based devices that deliver shockwave energy to treat chronic total occlusions




We built a 97% accurate handheld AI eye-exam to the doctor’s office to prevent blindness




Transforms remote monitoring for respiratory-related chronic diseases



Strados Labs

Non-Invasive Treatment for Sinus Infections




The HemoLink is a painless device that enables reliable blood collection without a professional



X-COR Therapeutics

X-COR cartridge enables outpatient treatment of respiratory failure at low blood-flows like dialysis




Surgical implant to induce bone growth by leveraging a novel molecular pathway to directly turn stem cells into osteoblasts




Wearable EEG device & cloud platform that will make medical grade EEG available anywhere, anytime