MedTech Innovator & UCLA Hackathon: Automation & A.I. in Healthcare

March 4, 2017 – March 5, 2017 | Los Angeles, CA

About the Event

MedTech Innovator has partnered with UCLA and Catalaize to run our first hackathon!

This event is a hands-on exploration of opportunities to use Artificial Intelligence, Automation and related technologies to Improve Healthcare.

With the advent of increasing availability of big data, computing power, open API’s and machine learning tools, what was once considered science fiction is now available today. Some example applications that you’ll have an opportunity to explore first-hand in this hackathon:

  • Machine Learning for risk prediction & intervention
  • Deep Learning for drug discovery
  • Computer Vision for radiology image interpretation
  • Chatbots for customer service
  • Intelligent Virtual Agents as care managers
  • Robots for hospital automation
  • Speech Recognition & Natural Language Processing to support caregivers

Bring your skills in healthcare, software, design, user experience, business strategy, workflow, presentations, and general creativity. Come with a team or join a team, and prepare yourself for a 48 hour experience that just might change your life.

The end product of this hackathon can be an app, device, website, conceptual drawing, or anything else that exemplifies the concept. Clinicians, Academics, and Technical Mentors will provide mentorship in areas such as design, strategy, software development, and presentation. Judges will review the products and award $5,000 to the winning team.

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Those interested in participating as a mentor or volunteer are also encouraged to apply.

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