Day Zero Diagnostics: New Diagnostic Rapidly Identifies The Resistance Profile of Bacteria, Enabling Targeted Therapy Sooner

Mary Stuart | January 17, 2018

At the 2017 meeting of AdvaMed, the medical device industry’s advocacy organization, young start-up Day Zero Diagnostics was chosen as this year’s MedTech Innovator Global Competition winner. To win this accolade (and prize money of $350,000), Day Zero Diagnostics rose up from a starting pool of 600 early stage companies, made the cut to the final four, and was selected as the winner by a voting of 1,500 medtech professionals.

The MedTech Innovator Program is an accelerator that brings sponsors from the industry to the table to help early stage medtech start-ups make the right choices on the way to commercialization of technologies that help patients while reducing the costs of healthcare. Day Zero Diagnostics plans to do this with a means of rapidly identifying bacteria and their antibiotics resistance profiles so that infected patients can received targeted antibiotic therapy as soon as possible.

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