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Vynca is a population health management technology focused on improving care delivery at the end of life. While only 6% of individuals want aggressive life-sustaining treatment when faced with a serious, life-limiting illness, current medicare expenditures exceed $150B annually for this population. Vynca’s goal is to align care preference with care provision in order to provide high-quality, cost-effective care at the end-of-life. Vynca’s technology helps patients and healthcare providers to have meaningful conversations about care preferences, document wishes accurately and most importantly we provide real time access to this critical information throughout the care continuum. Vynca’s system provides a full single sign on integration within the EHR and we have never met an EHR we couldn’t integrate with.

Company News

UCSF Rosenman Institute Announces Companies Chosen for “ADAPT” Program (featuring Vynca)

DateNov 10, 2020
The UCSF Rosenman Institute announced today the startups selected in “UCSF Rosenman ADAPT,” a competitive global program for startup companies developing solutions to increase healthcare efficiency. Bold, ConsejoSano, EMME, GroupWell, Oshi, Vynca, and Woebot were selected for their innovative approaches and market promise.
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