Vixiar Medical


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Title Chairman & CEO


Vixiar was founded to seek unique technologies for the non-invasive monitoring of cardiopulmonary diseases; particularly those that impact hospital re-admissions. The first product, for the non-invasive monitoring of congestive heart failure (CHF) patients, was developed at Johns Hopkins University. The Vixiar device is an inexpensive, non-invasive, handheld for assessing cardiac filling pressure (specifically LVEDP – the primary indicator for CHF decompensation). It is wirelessly enabled and can be used at the point of care in the home, in physician’s offices, in nursing homes, on emergency vehicles or on the floors of the hospital. Patient effort takes 10 seconds, testing is completed in several minutes, and can be conducted repeatedly over time without risk or additional cost. The prototypes have undergone successful testing on several hundred patients against the invasive gold standard measure of LVEDP obtained in patients undergoing left heart catheterization. The system allows confirmation of patient readiness for hospital discharge and provides sub-clinical detection of decompensation during the 30 day discharge period that would not be detected by current monitoring methods. The commercialization effort is focused on acceleration of the regulatory approval of the POC device by end of 2015, and development of the clinical support platform that allow remote monitoring.