MedTech Innovator 2021 Competitions – Execution, Best Video & Finals

Finals Competition – Watch the exciting 2021 Finals competition in the world’s largest medical technology accelerator

This year brought in a record number of applications with over 1,100 submissions from 54 countries and 42 U.S. states. Fifty companies were selected to participate in the MedTech Innovator Showcase, with a subset receiving a place in the MedTech Innovator Accelerator. Over three months, 25 Accelerator companies competed for a coveted spot in the Finals Competition, which takes place during The MedTech Conference powered by AdvaMed on Wednesday, September 29 at 11 AM CT.

The five finalists are:

  • Alva Health – New Haven, CT – developing a real-time, wearable stroke monitor for older Americans living with high stroke risk.
  • BioDevek – Brookline, MA – developing an endoscopically-sprayable adhesive hydrogel to seal and protect surgical lesions after polyp removal.
  • Caretaker Medical – Charlottesville, VA – developing a wireless finger sensor for continuous “beat by beat” blood pressure and hemodynamics remote monitoring.
  • Cooler Heads Care – San Diego, CA – developing an affordable wearable device so chemo patients can keep their hair.
  • Nutromics – Brunswick, Australia – developing a wearable continuous molecular monitoring platform that can track drugs, hormones, metabolites, and proteins.


Best Video Competition


Execution Award & Virginia Rybski Memorial Award

The $25,000 Execution Award Competition took place during The MedTech Conference powered by AdvaMed on September 22.

Please watch the replay video above to see all the pitches. The Execution Award is held in conjunction with AdvaMed Accel’s Virginia Rybski Memorial Award, which recognizes the potential of a promising entrepreneur or entrepreneurial medical technology company. The five finalists selected to compete for the Execution Award competition are:

  • CAIRA Surgical – New York, NY – Surgical navigation and robotics in joint replacement
  • Evren Technologies – Gainesville, FL – Neurostimulation device for the treatment of PTSD
  • Lifelet Medical – Galway, Ireland – Sustainable polymeric transcatheter aortic valve for increased durability and easier delivery
  • Otolith Labs – Washington, DC –Wearable device that is the first fast-acting treatment for vertigo
  • PATH EX – Houston, TX – CycloPE captures and removes bacteria from blood regardless of bacteria type or drug-resistance

The winner of the Execution Award competition was PATH EX, receiving a $25,000 cash prize, a one-year AdvaMed membership, and a profile in an upcoming issue of the MedTech Strategist. Evren Technologies was in a VERY close second place, separated by a handful of votes.

Judges for the Execution Award competition are: Ilana Neftin, senior manager, Corporate Development, Dexcom; Kenny Tran, business development / project manager, Asahi Intecc USA; Virginia Giddings, advanced technology exploration, Edwards Lifesciences; Kathryn Zavala, chief operating officer, MedTech Innovator.

Value Award Competition

The $25,000 Value Award Competition will take place at the MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit San Francisco on November 2.

The winners will be announced LIVE during The MedTech Innovator 2021 Value Competition livestream on November 2, starting at 5:00PM PT.

9th Annual Pediatric Device Innovation Make Your Medical Device Pitch for Kids Competition

5 Companies from the MedTech Innovator Pediatric Accelerator Track competed in The National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation (NCC-PDI) annual “Make Your Medical Device Pitch for Kids!” competition to share in $150,000 in grants funded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to support the advancement of pediatric medical devices. The 2021 competition, powered by NCC-PDI partner MedTech Innovator, focuses on electrophysiology devices that treat congenital heart disease (CHD) and arrhythmias in pediatric patients.

This year’s pediatric device innovation finalists are:

  • PeriCor. – New York, NY – PeriTorq, a catheter grip tool for use during pediatric cardiac interventional procedures
  • Sibel Health – Niles, IL – ANNE One, ICU-grade wireless sensors for cardiopulmonary monitoring in neonates with congenital heart defects
  • InkSpace Imaging – Pleasanton, CA – a pediatric cardiac and vascular MRI coil
  • Karios Technologies – Charlottesville, VA – Tissue Shield, a technology to prevent scar tissue formation (adhesions) on the heart after surgery
  • Starlight Cardiovascular – San Diego, CA – Project Lifeline, a less-invasive way to maintain sufficient circulation in newborns with ductal-dependent circulation that increases safety, procedural success and ease of use