MedTech Innovator 2021 Showcase Companies

Below are the device, diagnostics, and digital health technologies who have been selected to participate in MedTech Innovator’s 2021 Accelerator and Showcase cohorts, out of over 1,100 applications. These companies were showcased during the Wilson Sonsini Medical Device conference as well as AdvaMed’s The MedTech Conference in Minneapolis.

You can watch a video below featuring the mid-stage Showcase cohort companies, and you can see a video of our Accelerator cohort on our 2021 Accelerator Cohort page.





Scalable, wearable remote monitoring platform for dialysis and heart failure patients



Alva Health

Real-time, wearable stroke monitor for older Americans living with high stroke risk



Applaud Medical

Smartsphere Acoustic Enhancer is a medical device for improved treatment of Urinary Stones



Aria CV

An implantable device for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension



AtriAN Medical

AtriAN delivers precise “soft” pulsed fields, permanently restoring the heart’s natural rhythm




Deploying intelligent telemedicine tools including vital signs, computer visioning, integrating medical records




Endoscopically-sprayable adhesive hydrogel to seal and protect surgical lesions after polyp removal



Bluegrass Vascular Technologies

Surfacer System provides an inside-out approach to gain venous access in obstructed central veins



Bruin Biometrics

A new paradigm for pressure injury prevention, modernizing care pathways across all care settings



CAIRA Surgical

New surgical navigation and robotic technology that is accessible to all surgeons for every patient



CardiacBooster B.V.

Novel pVAD providing superior pump strength at lower catheter profile, without causing hemolysis




NON-INVASIVE, real-time image-guided device for ultrasound treatment of aortic stenosis



Caretaker Medical Co

Wireless finger sensor for Continuous “beat by beat” Blood Pressure & Hemodynamics Remote Monitoring



Cooler Heads Care

Affordable wearable device so chemo patients can keep their hair



Corassist Cardiovascular

Corolla -an intra-ventricular device for treatment of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction



Current Surgical

We are developing a smart ablation needle that destroys tumors without harming healthy tissue




Stethoscope+ECG+AI platform enabling earlier disease detection and vital sign-powered telemedicine




Tapestry is a biointegrative implant, arthroscopically instrumented, for rotator cuff repair



Evren Technologies

The Phoenix® is a bioelectronic earbud device for the treatment of PTSD



FAST BioMedical

Medical technology enabling precision titration of decongestion therapy for heart failure patients



GraphWear Technologies

bios is the first needle-free continuous glucose monitoring system for diabetes management




Our novel vascular graft resists the problems of occlusion & infection suffered by current grafts




Artificial intelligence-driven digital biomarkers in serious and rare diseases



InkSpace Imaging

Blanket-like flexible and lightweight pediatric MRI coil to transform patient experience and cost



Inovise Medical

Unique, noninvasive, remote heart failure monitoring system proven to reduce hospital readmissions



Karios Technologies

Cardiac-SAPS protects hearts after heart surgery by preventing post-surgical cardiac adhesions



Lifelet Medical

Sustainable polymeric transcatheter aortic valve for increased durability and easier delivery



Makani Science

Wearable wireless sensors to monitor breathing during procedures involving conscious sedation




Yomi is the first and only FDA cleared robotic surgery system for dental implant surgery



Neurent Medical

Atraumatic in-office therapy providing long term relief to patients suffering from chronic rhinitis



Neurofenix Limited

Digital therapy platform for neurological patients to recover independence




Steerable Sheath with Direct Visualization for Ventricular Tachycardia Epicardial Ablation




Wearable Continuous Molecular Monitoring platform that can track drugs, hormones, metabolites, and proteins




FDA approved, medical-grade remote monitoring pregnancy platform reinventing pregnancy care




Digital Sedation™ is a disruptive digital therapy using clinical sessions in VR to relief patients’ pain and anxiety



Orthox Limited

The only implant to provide both tissue regeneration and immediate functional repair of cartilage



Otolith Labs

Wearable device that is the first fast-acting treatment for vertigo



OtoNexus Medical Technologies

First device to assess middle ear infections so clinicians know when antibiotics are appropriate




CycloPE captures and removes bacteria from blood regardless of bacteria type or drug-resistance




We provide AI diagnostics for Dermatopathology




PeriTorq is a catheter grip tool for use during pediatric cardiac interventional procedures




Celeste: a non-invasive, FDA Breakthrough therapeutic device, with dramatic phase 2 data



Pops Diabetes Care

Pops offers the easiest to use glucometer and an in-app AI virtual coach to self-manage diabetes




A digital diagnostic tool that helps physicians rapidly identify patients at risk of sepsis



Retia Medical

Advanced hemodynamic monitor helps clinicians prevent deadly complications in high-risk patients




First is a lab antigen test that is the same accuracy as PCR. Second product is mobile antigen test




ICU-grade wireless sensors for cardiopulmonary monitoring in neonates with congenital heart defects



Starlight Cardiovascular

The first stent designed for the ductus arteriosus, a life-saving procedure on newborns with CHD



Tympany Medical

OtoVU is a next-generation sterile panoramic endoscope that enables minimally invasive ear surgery



Universal Diagnostics S.L.

Colorectal cancer screening test reducing cancer mortality and incidence rate by early detection




Novel cardiovascular therapy to address a significant gap in Heart Failure management




Medical device company designing products treating peripheral vascular diseases afflicting millions



Wellinks (Convexity Scientific)

Wellinks is the full-stack digital health solution built for COPD




Digital health platform, integrating multiple tools into the EHRs to order, deliver and monitor




It is the World’s first disposable laparoscope. It’s HD, fog-free, and requires no capital expense