Who won the INVEST Digital Health Pitch Perfect contest? feat. Strados Labs

The INVEST Digital Health Pitch Perfect contest spotlighted 18 companies across three categories: home health, chronic disease management and value-based care, and technology to support payer and provider efficiency. So who emerged as the winners and how did the judges arrive at their choices?


Strados Labs

Presenter: Nick Delmonico, CEO and founder

Strados Labs is a respiratory management solutions company that focuses on enabling real-world, real-time monitoring of lung health with smart-sensor technologies. The company’s proprietary biosensor is passive, patient-friendly and clinically validated to acquire lung sounds in the real-world. Its Strados Cloud platform collects and calculates the frequency of wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath as well as respiratory dynamics like rate and excursion for a more holistic picture about each subject.

“Nick did an excellent job describing where the product is today and his vision for transforming pulmonary health,” said Margaret Malone, Flare Capital Partners senior associate. “The data collected by the Strados device has the potential to further patient care and influence drug discovery while helping to reduce costs and improve outcomes for people suffering from pulmonary and respiratory conditions. The other judges and I were impressed by the company’s early traction and would love to learn more!”

Patrick Leon, vice chair of corporate development with Mayo Clinic, said he was impressed with the quality of the participants in the track.

“I was impressed by the quality of the management and solutions presented in this competition. We look forward to following the impact that these teams will undoubtedly make to alleviate the burden of chronic conditions and hope we can partner in the future to help find answers to unmet needs of the patients.”