Up to 10% of intraoperative time is spent on preventable delays, ExplORer Surgical drives improved efficiencies

ExplORer Surgical, the only comprehensive intraoperative case support and workflow platform for surgical teams, is announcing enhanced efficiency and proficiency through its powerful data insight technology. ExplORer’s data specifically allows entire surgical teams to identify clear opportunities to improve patient outcomes that drive adoption and revenue gains for the device company over time.

In addition to customized content for each team member in the OR, the platform collects data, allows staff to record timestamps and save annotated images, and helps create actionable insights to improve inefficiencies. Compiled from thousands of surgeries, ExplORer found that up to 10 percent of intraoperative time is spent on preventable delays, which is consistent across most surgical specialties. In addition, research from ExplORer through the University of Chicago found that the largest contributing variable to intraoperative delays were new surgical team members learning a surgeon’s procedures and preferences.

“Our insights confirm that the surgical team has to be in sync to achieve efficiency. Our goal is to help prevent unnecessary delays by bringing best practices to teams, especially those who are less familiar with each other’s preferences,” said Jennifer Fried, CEO of ExplORer Surgical. “The platform’s unique ability to gather extensive data has allowed us to take a fine-toothed comb to find what works and what doesn’t. We can then further streamline the entire surgical procedure. The advantages are evident through surgical team productivity and improved patient results.”

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Dr. Vasili Karas, MD, MS, orthopedic surgeon at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, implemented ExplORer’s workflow platform for three total joint procedures, evaluating its effectiveness after each procedure. Over the course of eight months, Dr. Karas and his team improved confidence in their procedures and reduced challenges stemming from unexpected procedural occurrences, surgeon preferences for instrumentation and room setup, and patient positioning, giving the technology a 9.1/10 score. The team also noted a 30 percent increase in comfort supporting Dr. Karas, and Dr. Karas noted an 80 percent decrease in instrumentation and room setup challenges.

Medtech companies are also highly focused on capturing and analyzing intraoperative data to support their provider customers and clinical trials. “Intervene has partnered with ExplORer since 2019 to develop proctor and data collection modules for our clinical trial. We’ve used these modules to both support cases and collect case data in coordination with the procedure steps, enabling us to obtain valuable, time-stamped information for our clinical trial and our procedural development,” said Michi Garrison, VP of R&D and Operations at Intervene, Inc.