ProDural is a new syringe which can make epidurals safer and more reliable

Somnarus Inc.

Somnarus Inc. is a medical diagnostic company whose innovative products address the significant unmet need of patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

NeuroTronik Limited

Electrically-active neuromodulation for bedside use in acute decompensated heart failure

PEDRA Technology

Improving peripheral revascularization outcomes by noninvasive realtime PEDal Reperfusion Assessment

Hemova Medical

Subcutaneous vein-to-vein vascular access for safer hemodialysis


Eliminating prescription errors

HeadSense Medical

Non-invasive intracranial pressure monitor.


Endeau is developing enabling technology for the routine performance of Water Aided Endoscopy (WAE), an emerging technique in interventional and screening gastroenterology procedures.

Clear Ear

A better way to safely and effectively manage problematic earwax

Diagnostic Photonics

High-resolution, intraoperative imaging system for cancer surgery