Multi-Spectral Device Images Blood Flow and Perfusion

A new device reveals real-time blood flow and perfusion in vascular structures and critical tissues during surgery.

The RFPi (Greenville, NC, USA) iCertainty platform provides non-invasive, real-time multi-spectral physiologic visualization (MSPV), a combination of low-energy lasers, high-speed imaging cameras, patented analysis techniques, and flow-calculation algorithms that together can deliver real-time visualization and quantification of blood flow and perfusion. The system does not require contrast agent injections, dyes, or radiation, in contrast to traditional modalities such as X-ray, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The system can image blood flow and perfusion in skin and tissue to a depth of 4-5mm, with potential applications including gastrointestinal and plastic surgery, as well as lower-leg vascular procedures. By allowing surgeons to immediately visualize blood flow and perfusion, iCertainty offers the potential to reduce procedural complications or repeat surgeries, reduce hospital costs, and objectively measure and improve clinical outcomes. The company is also developing a mobile device for outpatient settings, such as wound care and diabetic clinics.

“Repeat surgery rates in iCertainty’s target indications run as high as twenty percent, a figure that masks a tremendous amount of patient discomfort, uncertainty and inconvenience, as well as financial loss for hospitals and insurers,” said Jeffery Basham, CEO of RFPi. “iCertainty offers an entirely new and advanced standard of imaging detail, speed, ease and flexibility that should benefit surgeons, hospitals and third-party payers and, most importantly, the patients they all care for.”