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Morgantown-based Intermed Labs leverages AI and 3D printing to make prosthetics accessible featuring Fingy3D


MORGANTOWN — Retired coal miner Mark Lance was working with his son at his farm, cutting branches that were overhanging the house. Lance was the ground man holding the rope while his son cut the branches.

“A branch came down, the rope wrapped around my thumb and actually extracted my thumb,” he said. “Pulled my thumb off.”

Dr. Tom McClellan couldn’t save the thumb. However, he was working on something that could still help Lance after losing his thumb.

McClellan is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon by trade, but he’s also the CEO of Intermed Labs, which is based in Morgantown. The company is a venture startup studio that takes ideas doctors have to improve patient care and turns them into workable, physical devices that are then brought to market, which is how Fingy3D was born.

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