Medable Joins the American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology & Innovation Innovators Network to Enhance Digital Real-World Evidence Patient Registries Powering a Human Heart Digitome

Medable Inc., the leading provider of digitally enabled and data-driven clinical trials, will join the American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology & Innovation (the Center) Innovators Network. The Center is focused on building health-tech relationships to drive innovative and scalable solutions across the health continuum.

The Center helps members of its Innovators Network in the healthcare technology field align and integrate their technology with the Association’s digital resources to encourage the development and adoption of digital healthcare solutions.

Medable joins the Innovators Network to meaningfully advance the understanding and treatment of cardiovascular disease. The collaboration will help enhance a patient-centric digital, real-world evidence research network that connects patients and researchers. The platform will seek to dramatically improve patient care by providing patients with the enter’s health management plans (called, CarePlans) in a seamless and personalized digital experience while advancing research by capturing patient reported, connected device, EMR, and clinical outcomes assessment data.

The data collected will be made available to patients and collaborating researchers in the Human Heart Digitome, powered by Medable’s analytics system that provides intelligence across the various types of health data. The collaboration aims to develop the largest digital real-world evidence data set to advance the understanding and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Collaborating with the American Heart Association, Medable has a very important opportunity to simultaneously improve clinical care and advance clinical research. Registry participants will receive the best in clinical guidance with personalized digital CarePlans while advancing research through secure patient-governed data generation on the Medable platform. The Human Heart Digitome will be a research resource to all stakeholders in the cardiovascular disease community.

“The Human Heart Digitome, a digital real-world evidence patient registry created on Medable’s end-to-end platform, will enable physicians and researchers to better identify at-risk patients using Medable’s predictive analytics platform, improve health outcomes and bring new cardiovascular therapies to patients faster,” said Dr. Michelle Longmire, CEO & co-founder of Medable.

About Medable

Medable is a privately held, venture-backed company headquartered in Palo Alto (News – Alert), California. Medable is on a mission to get effective therapies to patients faster by dramatically reducing the time from therapeutic development to market realization with digital data capture and real-time analytics that remove the complexities of clinical research to dramatically reduce trial timelines. Medable is pioneering a new category of life science technologies that replace the stagnant and siloed data of traditional ePRO, eCOA, EDC, and eSource with an intelligent and unified end-to-end (E2E) platform for clinical trial execution. Our E2E platform allows patients, healthcare providers, clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical sponsors to work together as a connected and empowered team in clinical trials and research.

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