Lightpoint Medical and PartnerTech sign global manufacturing agreement

Lightpoint Medical, a clinical stage medical device company developing advanced imaging technologies for intra-operative cancer detection, announced today that the company has signed a global contract with PartnerTech, to build, test and distribute their molecular imaging system, LightPath™ at their facility in Cambridge, UK.

Lightpoint has discovered a potentially revolutionary approach to tissue diagnostics in oncology surgery, an area of medicine where patients can frequently require a re-operation. The LightPath™ Imaging System is able to visualise microscopic cancer deposits by detecting the Cerenkov Luminescence emitted from a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) radiotracer injected prior to surgery. The system promises to enable surgeons to identify whether they have completely excised cancerous tissue, thereby promoting conservative surgery with reduced risk of recurrence or reoperation. There is currently no means of subjectively identifying cancerous tissue in the operating theatre, and surgeons and patients may have to wait several days or weeks for results of histology examinations. LightPath™ aims to make this delay a thing of the past and bring this knowledge into the operating room.

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